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Behind the Beats: STBB#612 – Granny David

Sun Dec 09, 2018 4:44 am

Interview with STBB Forever Beat Battle #612 winner, GrannyDavid
Read the full interview on

The Winner

Hi Granny David, congratulations on your first win!

Wanna say something about that?

Granny: Well, I didn't see that one coming, that's for sure. It took me by complete surprise!

You have a funny name.. how did you come by it?
and anything else you want us to know about you
like short introduction to who's Granny David?

Granny: I wanted a very non-cool sounding name. My main goal was to have a name which wouldn't be taken too seriously.
I live in Cardiff, UK. I'm 36 years old. I've always had a passion for and addiction to making music. As a child, I would recreate/remix songs in my head.I don't play any instruments but have tried my hand at a few instruments growing up like piano and guitar.

How long have you been doing stbb's?
and how has it been going?

Granny: My first STBB was 593. I've entered every single battle since then, so I haven't missed one since my debut.
Evidently, I've been really enjoying it. I used to make music with no aim, no deadline, no rules, and hardly any listeners. This has now all changed since competing in STBB as there's automatically an audience who will give very productive feedback, which is great for learning and developing. The feedback is very valuable as the people who are judging our work are all knowledgeable and experienced. I've made some great friends and contacts in my short time here.

Yessir!..that's what I'm talking about!
How long have you been making beats?

Granny: 20 years now. I first started on a Playstation game called 'Music' in about 1998, then 'Music 2000' in 1999 (this is when I started working with sampling, as you were able to sample from CD) By 2001 I had a PC and worked with Fruityloops and Cubase. I had an MPC1000 from 2005 til 2009 but since then I've been working with Acid Pro 6.0

Did you use anything else besides Acid Pro 6.o on this track?

Granny: I ran a few samples through Soundforge for some mastering and effects.

What was your approach to get started with the Reverse the Samples rule in mind?

Granny: I usually reverse samples anyway just in case they sound dope! So these rules were just right for me and my style.

How did you make use of the sample?

Granny : Lots of chops, some reversed, some not, all pieced together in quite a sloppy fashion.

How did you go about the drumwork?

Granny: Did the usual drum programming on Acid Pro and enhanced them slightly for more impact.
The bassline was in the sample chops, so it all kind of fell into place together nicely. I brought up the lows to get the bass sounding fuzzier. (This can sound dope with reversed bass samples)

Anything else you want us to know about..
You, the track, your music or world view..or anything for that matter?

Granny My musical influences have varied over the years. I first started listening to Hip Hop in my teens. I've liked things like Organized Konfusion, KMD and MF Doom, Company Flow, Grave Diggaz, De La, Tribe + Native Tongues. I've been heavily into jazz for the past 15 years, since growing up and becoming a man.

Any recent projects/collabs going on?

Granny: I'm always looking to collaborate with people of all styles of music. I have a few side-projects going at the moment but I have time for lots more. So if there's anyone looking to work on a project with me sometime, drop me a message and let's get to work!

Great to have you on board and thanks for taking the time to this Q and A Granny David.. keep up the dope work!

Interview by JoaGymshoe for STBB Forever and


For additional content related to this interview and all things beat making head over to [url=http://[/url]
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Re: Behind the Beats: STBB#612 – Granny David

Sun Dec 09, 2018 5:02 am

Congrats on the first win GD!!

Was looking up the Music for PS1 thing to see what that looked like, crazy thinking of making music in this interface haha

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Granny David
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Re: Behind the Beats: STBB#612 – Granny David

Mon Dec 10, 2018 2:06 pm

[quote=waxramble post_id=1069 time=1544360539 user_id=2]
Congrats on the first win GD!!

Was looking up the Music for PS1 thing to see what that looked like, crazy thinking of making music in this interface haha


Man, this takes me back! Just look at that layout haha!!!!

Thanks Joa for that interview. Now people will learn the truth, that in fact I'm not actually a little old lady!
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