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E-Mail Notifications Fixed! (Gmail Users Issue)

Posted: Thu Apr 11, 2024 3:36 am
Hi all,

Today I became aware of a change Google implemented in February adding new requirements for e-mails to be delivered to Gmail users. Until tonight, we were not meeting some of these requirements. This was affecting new members trying to register with a Gmail account since they never got the confirmation e-mail delivered to them. This also would explain why you may not have been receiving private message e-mail notifications to your inbox.

Just wanted to let everyone know I've fixed this issue now, e-mails from STBB should be delivered moving forward without issue.

If anyone is still having trouble, please let me know in this thread and I will have a look.


ps: Thank you Joa for your help getting folks who were having trouble manually registered the past few months! Sorry to anyone who wasted time digging through spam, trying new e-mail accounts, etc etc during this time..

pps: Sign up for Proton Mail, it's way better than Gmail (fuck Google)