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Vinyl Production - LPs / EPs/ One offs/Mixes/Playlists

Tue Jul 09, 2024 9:10 am

Hey everyone,

ras dude here. I think it's been almost 10 years since I checked in the STBB forums. Life is going pretty well.
Glad to see everyone still Flippin tracks.

somewhere down the line I acquired a kickass vinyl lathe cutter, and started offering vinyl production service as a business. Ideal if you want to archive your music music to vinyl, build vinyl DJ sets, or limited runs/one offs. We also can do playlists whatever.

the past few years I transferred a my beats to vinyl, which has allowed me to travel the world DJing all kinds of classy hifi spots. id be happy to assist you all in doing the same.

I moved from LA to Germany (Mosel) and travel back n forth between Paris. If anyone needs to convert their beats to vinyl, hit me up!

Cuts are usually shipped 72 hours after file delivery. Sometimes quicker Yes it is fast. Probably the fastest turnaround in the game.

My website islandstylus. com has more info, and a contact link if you need anything.

I came by the STBB site while I was craving some samples. So happy yo see you all still going.

If anyone is in EU let's link!


ras dude
Stay high!
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