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Extracting vocals/drums/instruments from samples

Tue Aug 11, 2020 2:42 pm

Recently, I came across an interesting technique to seperate drums/instruments etc. from samples. Maybe someone will find it useful.

Here's a link:
Note: it's a python library, not a vst, so it takes some time to get it working. If anyone would be interested, I can help you with setting it up.
I've tested it on the samples from the last battle and it actually works pretty well.
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Re: Extracting vocals/drums/instruments from samples

Thu Aug 13, 2020 8:20 am

Glad you mentioned this popek. Are you a programmer?

Life is hard bro let's make it easy...
Portable version of Python and spleeter already installed with a gui :arrow:
Code etc here

Some FREE online alternatives :arrow: - Deezer's own online implementation. 2/5 stems split - Vocals + Instrumental split - 2/4/5 stems. Mp3 or WAV. Variable Cutoff. - Vocal remover. Some other gimmicky tools that are kinda interesting. used to be the spot but seems dead but it's all still open-unmix

Paid alternatives that offer varying degrees of mixed audio to separate stems :arrow:
Izotope RX7
Hit n Mix infinity
Zynaptiq plugins
accusonus regroover
virtualdj - Latest update brings real-time stems separation to any track while you're dj'ing...crazy stuff.

Pretty sure there's a bunch I'm missing will dig in my bookmarks and update this later.
I've used everything there apart from the new virtual dj and I only took the audionamix trial but if anyone needs examples before they buy let me know.
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Re: Extracting vocals/drums/instruments from samples

Sat Aug 15, 2020 2:07 am

I'm not a programmer, I'm more focused on machine learning and this kind of stuff, but I can code a bit.

The first link you posted looks promising (
I've already seen, but I didn't really like it because of the size limitation (up to 10MB).

The cool thing about spleeter library is that it allows you to process whole collection of samples in one click, which might be useful.

I've also tried out RX7 (free version), but in my opinion spleeter does the job better. Sounds produced by RX7 contained more artifacts, at least on the samples I used.

Btw I remember you from back in the day :) why don't you participate anymore?
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