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Mastering/RMS/LUFS/Crest Factor?

Sat Aug 08, 2020 3:35 pm

Hello, im starting this thread to share some thoughts on loudness, mastering in general.
I want to start by asking some questions i have myself (and hope to answer other questions too)

The last battles i've mastered most of my tracks with a target of -14lufs and not sure why but not passing over -9rms
and i feel that it is indeed to quiet for today standards..

I've learned today that RMS relation with Peaks ii is called "Crest Factor" and its some kind of index of potencial loudness on mastering step.

Any thoughts or tips on this subject would be much appreciated;
i really want to reach louder but clear tracks without compromissing too much transients and dynamics.

Sidenote: not sure why but i think you can surpass any RMS level for shorter times and it means nothing really, why would i put a -9RMS barrier? this translate to posible saturation on the real world?

Sidenote 2: I've renueved most of my plugins arsenal and started making some experiments on clipping on the master (somewhere around 2-4db of soft clip before the final limiter) here i will leave a instrumental im working for a female triphop project with a friend of mine, First the "safe level master (-14lufs -9rms) and Then the Clipping fuck the rms version.

(Discretion and privacy on this one please, but any advice or feedback is what i need to figure all this out :D)



Sidenote 3: Started using Sonarworks Reference 4 with my headphones setup and it seems to be good to reach balance faster on the mix; if you make it sound good with this thing on it should be ok on other devices.
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