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#3 STBB Monthly Aca Remix Sessions

Tue Jul 02, 2024 6:15 am



thanks for making the dope aca especially for us Frawstakwa !

we've collabed a couple of times.. check out other dope productions on his page too <3

full track :

remix the aca with your own samples/ instruments

NameDoesn'tMatter | OBSCURE NOISE said when asked about the added element: that it's okay to: shorten, pick and choose from the aca as it's 7:25 !

and add MARS #3 to the title plz

post up to and including the 26 of this month .. vote till the second to last day of this month

next winner gets to pick the new aca from the batch or provide one*, conditions apply

multiple entries, reworking the track till the end and collabs allowed..

all ideas and suggestions welcome to have this concept evolve..

maybe bring someone along or tell someone about it.. know any rappers that wanna contribute ?

have fun !

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Re: #3 STBB Monthly Aca Remix Sessions

Wed Jul 03, 2024 5:15 am

Congrats on the win ObscureNoise - cool aca from Frawstakwa too. Here's my mini remix with just a verse.

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Re: #3 STBB Monthly Aca Remix Sessions

Sun Jul 07, 2024 7:31 am

There are quieter parts and louder parts, so I thought that was where I could really show my skills.
I thought I'd switch between beats with different volumes for each part.
My experience of doing breakbeats with two records on the turntable gave me an idea.
A three-minute song is a bit short to switch beats, isn't it?
I wanted to try a lot of beats in the song. :peace: :peace: :peace:

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