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Behind the Beats: STBB #710 - MzFk x Lil' P

Fri Nov 20, 2020 11:50 pm

Interview with STBB #710 Winners, MzFk and Lil' P

Winning Track

Can you shortly introduce yourselves?
MzFk: A Musical Vagabond.
Lil' P: This is LiL' P. Aka Pedroboomin. You already know it.

What was your first STBB entry?
MzFk: STBB 639 , one of the sample was - Barbra Streisand & Barry Gibb - What Kind Of Fool plus another another soul track.
Lil' P: It was a long time ago, it was a song with a forest theme. That used to be one of my favorite beats. I always love how the bird chirping gives some harmony to the song .

How did you come about collaborating on this track and explain your process on working together?
MzFk: First collab we did was a suggestion from Granny, Thank you for that man.
On this one ,we made five beats, in two days and try to cooked them all, with some spicy elements.
Lil' P: We were collabing before, sending shit back and forth. Then MZFK approached me to do this collab. MZFK came up with some drums and loops ideas, and I had that non entry beat. So I used some of his drums on the first part of the track, and as a fill on the second part. Flipped some samples, and then he did his magic on the track, putting instruments, making scratches. MZFK is a fucking legend.

What equipment or software (DAW, VST’s etc) and production process did you use on this track?
MzFk: Only use abelton for beats ,and sometime serato to cut some digital files.
Lil' P: I use ableton almost always for making the beats, and then I master them on FL studio.

How did you make use of the sample?
MzFk: I used the oneness juju sample, Chop the piano and the bass part. and try to flip it. Those are at the end of the beat.
Lil' P: It's very rare that I have before handed an idea of how I'm going to use a sample, except when it's a loop. So ableton warp sped it up a little, and then that joint got a more soulful vibe. Then I got me a loop, and put it over MZFK drums. Then I pitched up a little a little. And then made some variants over it. That on the second part. On the first part, I started with MZFK drums and then chopped it over that Isaac Hayes sample. Later MZFK did his magic and add all that groove over it.

How did you go about the drumwork?
MzFk: I made just a few on this one . Most of them are P secrets.
Lil' P: I was really inspired by some old KNX. I love that sloppiness. So I went for that. Although it's always very intuitive doing the drums. It cannot be random. And although it is sloppy, it gotta has that millimetric feel. Those kicks gotta be really aligned to get that feel, otherwise, hence some of my oldest tracks, you would get a feel that drums are not sync or that it's missing a beat somewhere.

Are there any interesting aspects about the track you’d like to share?
MzFk: Well done.
Lil' P: I played the bass on the second part of the track. While it is MZFK drums, synths and bass on the first part. I do the shit, and then MZFK fixes it, that's how we roll. Lol.

How did you learn to make beats..and do you play any instruments?
MzFk: I started making beats twenty years ago, with a Akai S20. really old school. then I stop it for a very long time. I only got back in it three years ago. I play some bass, guitar , a bit of keys and scratch.
Lil' P: Nah. I'm still learning. I first started like in 2007, I had FL Studio, I didnt even know what a snare or a kick was. I was justing putting some patterns and then some synth over it. Mama used to call that “minimalistic” lol. Then I changed to ableton, my process is always very intuitive, só it took me a lot to improve and start making beats that I really dig. I never studied or invested in my shit. So all of my process was diggin and learning the software, which I'm still doing to this day. I used to make beats on a 303, some of them were magical, but it was mostly funky loops. Some crazy shit. lol

Can you tell us about your musical or other inspirations.. acts/ producers etc?
MzFk: Many Boom Bap producers RZA, Nottz, Dilla, Diamond D,Statik Selektah, there is too many. I listen a lot of Soul, Funk, Jazz also.
Lil' P: I have many. My main inspiration it's madlib, I've started making beats because of his. I always love the aesthetic and ethics of his work. Although I don't smoke weed, lol. When I first heard Beat Konductah Vol 1-2 Soundscenes, that change the whole way I saw beats and hip-hop. Samyiam is one of my biggest inspirations also. I always loved electronic music, and that whole vibe of his joints moves me a lot. I love Dilla, a LOT. And although I never could mimic his style not a bit, he still is one of my main inspirations. Dibiase is one of my favorites too, when I think of drums I always think about his joints, I think he got the best drum swing in the game, and those flips, simply amazing. I love me some KNX also, and i really love some Tuamie and Ohbliv too, there are SO many inspirations. Granny D inspires me a lot too, I don't really know nobody that samples jazz like him. It's simply magical. And finally Ras G. Ras G is that dude that makes me see music in everything, and to think of the artistry of sampling. Long live Ras.

Any recent projects/collabs going on?
MzFk: We are working on a mixtape with P. I m also working on a looper with some of my beats for the scratchers.
Lil' P: Yeah, me and my man MZFK are doing a collab tape. Coming soon. Also I have some tapes that I'm going to put out, and eventually a piñata remix álbum is on the way too. Got to get that bandcamp shit straight first.

Anything else you'd like to say?
MzFk: Feeling really grateful to be a part of this community , so many talents and nice people around here. STBB FOREVER.
Lil' P: I always appreciate the community for helping me improve so much on my work. And all my mates wich I have collab'ed and send shit back and forte. Salute to all, and go cop that Granny D tape.
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Re: Behind the Beats: STBB #710 - MzFk x Lil' P

Mon Dec 07, 2020 3:20 am

<3 dope!
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