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Behind the Beats: STBB #701 - Sil' Dante

Fri Sep 04, 2020 5:05 am

Interview with STBB #701 Winner, Sil' Dante

Winning Track

Can you shortly introduce yourself?
I'm 22, my name is Sil'Dante, in reference to my favorite character from The Sopranos (As did OZ or The Wire, this TV show changed my life). I'm french, I come from the city of Rennes, in Britanny (the most beautiful region in France)

What was your first STBB entry?
My first STBB entry was #677, the challenge was to pick a sample from one of our childhood favorite tv shows, I ended up working with a song from the ''Funky Cops'' soundtrack, orchestrated by the french DJ, DJ Abdel. It led to LASTNIGHTINFRISCO, this track allowed me to reach 3rd place for my first entry.

Can you tell us about your musical or other inspirations.. acts/ producers etc?
As a lot of folks here on STBB (I guess), my main inspirations are probably Jay Dee and Madlib, but I was also influenced a lot by 9th Wonder, Apollo Brown, The Alchemist, DOOM, Griselda Records ...

How did you learn to make beats..and do you play any instruments?
I learned to make beats on my own with FL Studio like 3 years ago, using some YouTube tutorials and digging by myself through the software. I don't play any instruments but I would love to, maybe someday if I have the time and motivation it requests.

What equipment or software (DAW, VST’s etc) and production process did you use on this track?
I made this beat using FL Studio, as always, and Serato Sample (my weapon of choice since I bought it).

How did you make use of the sample?
I first listened to all the samples Renzo gave us, then threw the ones I was feeling in some Serato Sample sessions and started playing with them. I finally chopped the ''friendly'' sample by Elsa Hewitt as my main loop, and added some shots from Elsa, Bambooman and Marrak's other samples.

How did you go about the drumwork?
For the drums, as usually, I picked them out of my drumpacks after assembling the main part of my loop. Then, I played them using my MPD 218.

Are there any interesting aspects about the track you’d like to share?
One of the rule for #701 challenge was to add an intro to the track, I used some excerpts from Street Outlaws, a show we had stumbled upon with friends during a hangover, on an obscure cable channel. We were fascinated by Daddy Dave so I chose to name my track after him, it begins with a news flash talking about his big car accident.

Any recent projects/collabs going on?
I didn't post any projects or collabs except the ones I did for the STBBs. I'd like to share with you a beat tape soon, to show you what I can do outside beat battles (if there are any MCs reading this, interested to appear on it, just let me know and I'll send you some beats, it could be fun).

Anything else you'd like to say?
Finally, I'd like to thank all STBBF members and admins for the work they produce, the love and advices they give. I never thought I'd find such a community when I first registered on the forum. I quickly understood why most of you have been here for years and I'd be glad to do so.


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Re: Behind the Beats: STBB #701 - Sil' Dante

Fri Sep 04, 2020 11:29 am

cool man :)
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Re: Behind the Beats: STBB #701 - Sil' Dante

Wed Sep 30, 2020 12:49 pm

wait what, you're "only" with us since #677? :O
... glad you're on board, your beats are def. some of my favorite round here!
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Re: Behind the Beats: STBB #701 - Sil' Dante

Fri Oct 02, 2020 9:43 am

Yup, I discovered the community while hanging on reddit, I had some luck comin across that post.
Thanks for the compliment !
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