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Behind the Beats: STBB #695 - B-Dog x B.O.R

Fri Sep 04, 2020 4:40 am

Interview with STBB Forever Beat Battle #695 Winners, B-Dog x B.O.R. collab

Winning Track:

Can you shortly introduce yourself?

Marijn Stevense, old dutch dude, born in 1966. Aka B-Dog/Home of Dope Beats, Dogman, Prediker. In the nineties, I was active in HipHop. Bonecrushin’ was my main thing (logo man with the hammer, check my comments on soundcloud). It started with 2 rappers and a DJ. We evolved into a succesful live performing band (6 guys) with live instruments. Signed a record deal with music publisher Peer Music. Released 3 albums and 4 singles. No big succes. Support act for House of Pain, Bloodhound Gang, H-Blockx.

My name is Bor Stevense, also known as B.O.R. or Papi Borrito. I’m a 25 year old guy from the Netherlands. Son to the one they call Big Daddy B-Dog. I’m a rapper, video editor and producer. But I guess I’m primarily a student, currently doing my Master’s in Peace and Conflict Studies in Uppsala, Sweden.

What was your first STBB entry?

428, “the birds fly around the wannabees”. I started posting beats on soundcloud. Joa – a stranger - messaged and attended me on STBB. Still many biggie thank joezz Mr. Gymshoeman!

I have occasionally joined STBB through my dad since a few years back. Those were all collabs! Mostly with B-Dog, but also with Joa “Stinky” Gymshoe and 5XVT. I believe the first one was STBB458 - B-Dog X B.O.R. - What Did I Do ?

Can you tell us about your musical or other inspirations.. acts/ producers whathaveyou?

I’m a hiphop dinosaur. It started with “the message”, I was caught…had to do this myself! Practicing on a tapedeck😉. Doug E Fresh’ “Ladidadi”, Kurtis Blow, BizMarkie, Roxanne Shanté, PE, LL, MC Shan, T La Rock, Koel Moe Dee, Ice T, Salt ‘n‘ Peppa, MC Duke, Overlord X, Gunshot, Hardnoise, Blade (UK!!!), Eric B & Rakim. After that…. Dr. Dre, Snoop, Tribe, Dr. Octagon (Kool Keith), House of Pain.

Obviously one of my biggest inspirations is my dad. He has been a music icon for me, and is still one of the most talented artists I know. I love his music, and mostly his lyrics. Still rock his jams from way back (can recommend!).
Other than that… a lot of inspiration. Both new school n old school, but also outside of rap.
Just to drop a few names: Oliver Tree, A$AP Rocky, J. Cole, Russ, Stormzy.

How did you learn to make beats..and do you play any instruments?

I started rapping in ’87 with some surinam highschool friends (they were active in “Cold Blood Terror”/first Rotterdam HipHop album/1990). The first beats I rapped on were made by DJ Mos MC (fucking talented) with a Casio sampler, 1.2 sec. sampletime and different drumcomputers. In 1990 I bought the Roland W30 workstation (keyboard/sampler; still on the attic with the corresponding floppies) and started making beats myself. The W30 had two banks of 7.2sec. sampletime, 14.4sec. in total. Cool to organize shizzle and get it done!😉. Most drumloops were 2.4 or 2.8 seconds I remember. Connected the sampler thru midi with the cubase sequencer on the apple 2. Had no fx unit. Remember rapping in a garbage bin for the needed reverb, recording on a 4 tracker!

Nope, I dont play instruments, a pity…

Only started making beats about a year ago. Doing some self-studies to get better! You know, kids these days do everything with YouTube tutorials. My story ain’t as glamerous as my dad’s ;). I used to play drums, but don’t do that anymore unfortunately.

What equipment or software (DAW, VST’s etc) and production process did you use on this track?

This winning track is 15% me and 85% B.O.R. (respect is due). I wrote the lyrics, B.O.R. did the rapping & mixing. Since 2012, I do my sampling on PC/audacity and all the musicmaking & recording on the Ipad with Nano Studio (first NS1, now NS2). Love this workflow.
Mic; Aston Stealth. Headphone; Beyerdynamic 880.

DAW: Logic Pro X
VST’s: Fabfilter Bundle; Waves bundle; Cableguys Halftime; EXS24; Alchemy; and Logic stock
Mic: Rhode NT1-A,
Headphones Beyerdynamic 770
Laptop: Macbook Pro

How did you make use of the sample?

I only did the vocal “1,2,3” and bleep sounds. B.O.R. did all the rest. Ask him!

My dad already made a beat, and sent me the stems. I used that in the first half of the song (since one of the rules was a beatswitch). I decided to rework the drums and left the samples relatively the same (except for the horse in the first half). The second half I halftimed the “umi no triton” sample to give it the melodic and spacey vibe.

How did you go about the drum work?

All on B.O.R.
I send him a set up, he didn’t like it & threw that ol’school shit away …..created his own drums. He was right!

Went for a bit more of a new school vibe, layered the drums with a quick hi-hat in EXS24 and used a Deep Sub in the first half. In the second half I went with the 808. I thought it was fun to go a bit more trappy than what my dad usually goes for. Usually I start with the kick and the snare, followed by the hi-hat and the bass. Lastly I go for additional percussion like a ride or a cowbell… In this case I used a horse. Also fun 

Are there any interesting aspects about the track you’d like to share?

It’s more then very dope and nice to share this music passion with my son! It was cool to hear him rap my lyrics😉 The break B.O.R. made… where the second sample started, was pure dope and did it for the track. The win is really more on him.

Difference between us;
I’m a bit more specialized in samplebased music, he’s far ahead with modern techniques, instruments & mixing.

It is not the first time my dad and I work together but it’s always so much fun.
This time was even more fun because of the way we made it.

He sent a beat, I reworked that beat with different drums and a beat switch, he wrote the lyrics, I rapped the lyrics. Not really your usual way of working on a track (definitely not in such a short timeframe!)
Unbelievable that it worked out. When I received his lyrics I was like: “uuhhh… what if I do this double time?”. Complete chaos is the answer ;) but glad y’all liked it!

Any recent projects/collabs going on?

B.O.R. and I have a new father son thing in the making. Just 4 the fun of it. And ….always open for collabz.

Definitely more with tha B-Dog soon!
I have been focusing on studies a lot for the last year, but planning to release new projects and music videos asap on my YouTube channel and Spotify and all that (@superduperbor on social media if you wanna be kept in the loop<3). Would love to do collabs still, and have been working a lot with my good friend Daytona – who you’ll probably hear more of too!

Anything else you'd like to say?

Yes! STBB is magnificent. The creativity, the respectful atmosphere, the superb vibez.
Hope this will never change. Well meant respect to y’all. Keep keepin’ on!

I think the STBB community is awesome. The whole vibe is very uplifting and I think that it’s a very special place for like-minded creatives. Keep up the good work and the spirit fam!
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