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Behind the Beats: STBB #632 WigMaster

Sat Apr 20, 2019 2:47 pm

Interview with STBB Forever Beat Battle #632 winner, WigMaster

The Winner

Hi WigMaster!, congratulations on the win!

* What equipment or software (DAW, VST’s etc) and production process did you use on this track?

switched over to ableton live 9 lite recently after using GarageBand since 2003. a bunch of good free plugins like: ignite amps PTEq-X (pultec style eq), klanghelm mjucjr (one of my fav free compressors), TDR nova for cutting frequencies, and d16 frontier limiter. the process was just the old classic: chop sample, add drums, add bass, add sprinkles

* What was your approach to get started?

I rarely listen to the samples first--just toss them into simpler and slice by transient or by beat and start hitting pads on the mpd218. I made a beat first that I completely deleted. it had three 1-beat vocal samples from the r&b sample being triggered repeatedly for 1 bar each. it was pretty not banging

* How did you go about the drums?

drums are all snare Jordan 2. the hi hat is a loop & I programmed the kick and snare over that for 4 bars. I've been using the free audio assault transient plugin on all my drums recently

* How did you make use of the samples?

chopped the jazz sample in simpler set to slice by beat at 2 bars. basically just triggered that one piano note for 4 bars and looped it. the r&b sample I used tiny vocal stabs with a free Valhalla delay plugin. came back and added more vocal stabs from the jazz sample throughout the beat

* Are there any interesting aspects about the track you’d like to share?

used two different bass patches from live 9 lite: jun-O 106 bass and muugy. also added a resonant pulse synth from live and some mc lyte cuts. she's my favorite rapper to use for vocal cuts because her voice is pitched up, and hyped and so classic!

* How did you implement the special (polyrhythm) rule?

I did a really subtle thing --the main piano sample and kick pattern both vary around dotted time and triplets.

* Any recent projects/collabs going on?

the goal is to have a beat tape up on bandcamp for sale before 2019 ends. need to get rid of these beats I've been working on since 2003 and start phase two. let go and move on!

Thanks for that interesting insight. 8-)

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Re: Behind the Beats: STBB #632 WigMaster

Sat Apr 20, 2019 6:05 pm

Congrats on the win Wig!!! Def be sure to let folks here know when that Bandcamp tape is on sale, will def be checking it out :)

It's funny you mention the Juno 106, I've been obsessed with Kamaal Williams stuff the past few nights and ran across this video of him showing how badass it is. I have a little folder of things I want if I'm ever rich and could start collecting equipment, that's def on there now lol.

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Re: Behind the Beats: STBB #632 WigMaster

Sun Apr 21, 2019 6:03 am

B-Jam vs Enos wrote:
Sat Apr 20, 2019 2:47 pm
switched over to ableton live 9 lite recently after using GarageBand since 2003.
aaaah, that why your stuff has been sounding better of late!
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